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Highlights from Current Issue

  • Supreme Court grants mandamus relief and holds that prison warden and DOC commissioner were entitled to state agent immunity in action filed by prison guard who was injured by inmate who gained access to him because of a faulty lock at the prison.

  • Court of Civil Appeals clarifies that if purchaser of property at tax sale fails to take possession of the property within designated time period, title to the property re-invests in the original owner.


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Legal News

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Bill could hasten firing of Alabama teachers charged with sex crimes

Lawmakers pre-filed a bill that would facilitate quicker termination of Alabama teachers who are charged with sex crimes against students.

U.S. executions increase slightly in 2017; Alabama tied for third

A court reprieve that halted the scheduled December lethal injection of a Texas prisoner means 2017 will end with 23 inmates executed in the U.S., a figure that although up slightly from the previous year is half of what it was a decade ago.

Alabama Juvenile Justice Task Force Delivers Recommendations

The Alabama Juvenile Justice Task Force on Monday delivered a set of policy recommendations to Governor Kay Ivey and other state leaders aimed at protecting public safety, holding youthful offenders accountable, controlling costs, and improving outcomes for youth, families, and communities.

Trump judicial nominee withdraws after struggling to answer questions

Matthew Petersen, a nominee to the federal judiciary, has withdrawn from consideration days after a video clip showed him unable to answer basic questions about legal procedure, the White House confirmed Monday.

Alabama still doesn’t have a data breach notification law

If a company in Alabama has a data breach, it doesn’t have a legal obligation to tell customers their personal information has been compromised. Alabama and South Dakota are the only states without data breach notification laws on the books, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Will Birmingham's non-discrimination law survive legal challenges?

Days after the Birmingham City Council passed the non-discrimination law - the first in the state to provide legal protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity -- some attorneys are questioning whether it could survive legal challenges.

Alex Kozinski, a distinguished federal appeals court judge, announced his retirement Monday, effective immediately, after sexual misconduct allegations continued to dog the once-respected justice.

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